Experience the Seville Fair

Experience the Seville Fair with a local guide. Discover the tradition, folklore and gastronomy of this emblematic festival.

The Fair is one of the most important festivals for Sevillians. Immerse yourself in the most local atmosphere surrounded by music, dance, flamenco costumes, horse carriages and its typical gastronomy.

Through this tour you will discover its history, its cultural importance and how to navigate its frenetic atmosphere.

You will take a walk through the Real de la Feria while you delight in the traditional atmosphere, the exuberant decoration and the joy that fills the Sevillians.

We will make two stops at the typical booths, where the attendees hold the party. In them you will have the opportunity to try the gastronomy of the Fair, and let yourself be carried away by the aroma of fried fish and sherry wine.

At the end of the evening you will have a broad perspective of what the Fair is for the Sevillians and you will know how to navigate the fair on your own. Even after the tour is over, you can continue enjoying the night with the tools we have provided.

The meeting point with your guide will be at the Costurero de la Reina Tourist Information Point.

Experience Seville with the Sevilla Official Tour. Let yourself be carried away by us.

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